CareerBuilder’s mobile app uses AR and AI to help your job search

CareerBuilder hopes to appeal to tech-happy job seekers with a new mobile app that uses both artificial intelligence and augmented reality to simplify job searches.

The mobile app has some attention-grabbing features. It can build your resume, apply to jobs on your behalf, and show augmented reality views of job openings at the businesses you walk by. It also helps you develop the skills needed for a better-paying job.

And for employees, the mobile app shows the real-time supply and demand trends for talent you need. It instantly builds your job descriptions, automatically matches your job openings to candidates who are more likely to respond, and runs campaigns to engage them.

CareerBuilder sees the app — which uses AI, AR, and hyperlocal search — as a big advance for the human resources market, which it has participated in for 25 years.

“CareerBuilder has put a stake in the ground in wanting to ‘own’ the mobile experience for talent acquisition and job search,” said Kyle Lagunas, research manager at IDC, in a statement. “This is a strategic move and differentiator in the midst of a mobile-first world and complex labor environment. CareerBuilder’s investment in incorporating AI and machine learning across their solutions and within their mobile offering is designed to bring a richer, more intuitive experience that expedites results for employers and candidates.”

Both employers and job seekers are struggling to navigate a labor environment plagued by tight labor pools, burgeoning skills gaps, and a disparity in access to education and career opportunities. CareerBuilder’s own survey of 1,000 hiring managers and HR managers found that 50 percent of employers say it is taking them longer to fill open positions than in any other period of time. And 54 percent of employers say it is costing them more money to fill open positions due to low unemployment.

On top of that, 54 percent of workers feel like they have just a job, not a career, and 36 percent of workers feel underemployed. These discrepancies suggest the process of finding a job and hiring workers is inefficient. CareerBuilder hopes new technologies like its mobile app can help close that gap.

The company said more than 70 percent of its consumer audience is on mobile devices. Between 2015 and 2017, CareerBuilder moved its consumer website to a mobile responsive platform — and in 2017 it relaunched its iOS and Android mobile apps. The company has invested heavily in research and development to make the job search experience easier.

It can, for instance, generate resumes in under a minute, and the AI-powered tool helps job seekers build and store a personalized resume with a few simple clicks. If you elect to have the tool apply to jobs on your behalf, that process is also automated.

As for AR, job seekers can walk down the street, around a mall, or elsewhere and automatically see available nearby jobs — and what they pay — through an AR experience. And hyperlocal job search allows job seekers to easily locate opportunities in very specific areas, thanks to map-based targeting.

Job seekers can stay on top of their job search with new automatic job alerts that proactively inform them when their resume has been viewed and who is viewing it, as well as letting them know when new job openings become available.

CareerBuilder’s new iOS app recently went live in the app store. In the months ahead, the company will be launching the Android version of its app — along with more breakthrough features, such as gamification, or adding a game-like element of fun that lets job seekers earn points and potential rewards for taking different actions. It will also add social referrals so employees can share jobs available at their companies with friends in their social networks and earn points along the way.

“CareerBuilder is tapping into this trend of digital nomadism and delivering a mobile offering for the employment space that is different from anything else on the market today,” said Humair Ghauri, chief product officer for CareerBuilder, in a statement. “We are leveraging nearly 25 years of candidate conversion to help employers and talent connect anytime, anywhere, with a deeper mobile experience. We also are helping to provide the modern workforce with the skills they need. Our goal is to mobilize every step of the job search and recruitment journey by creating a mobile revolution across our talent acquisition, employment screening, and HCM software solutions.”

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